BY E.L Haines

I came across such a beautiful book. I am overwhelmed by all the details and the deep research done in advance by the author before writing Carried Away . Almost everyone I know owns a cat as cats are a symbol of innocence and cuteness from their perspective.

“You’ll want to keep your pinkies clear of the cages, luv. I feed ‘em well, but they won’t pass up a snack if you offer it.”

In Carried away, E.L Haines views cats from another perspective. Remember the Black Plague when rats carried diseases and viruses. In this book, Cats are the ones who spread a very dangerous virus between humans.

“In fact, I was thinking of nicknaming it the Mickey Mouse Virus, so we can keep referring to it as ‘MMV.’”

I don’t know if the Corona Virus was the main factor in inspiring the author to write Carried Away or not, but because of this book learned that quarantine means fourteen days and It was really eye-opening. I have been in quarantine for so long and never thought to google what it really meant.

“I found the ease and grace in which she lied to the police rather sexy. Italian really is the language of love.”

I loved the main characters Sparrow, Cruz, Carrie, and doctor Alan. I loved how they dealt with critical situations especially Doctor Alan. This book would’ve been more interesting to me if I knew more about their background stories. In addition, I didn’t find much character development. I think the author was very focused on the events and the plots.

“As a storyteller, I’ve learned to appreciate the value of many kinds of stories, but the formulaic attempts to resurrect the dead always seemed derivative to me. I’ll take Mary Shelly over a zombie flick any day.”

During the Black Plague, people had to burn whole cities to get rid of the disease. I don’t know why, but I kept thinking that this would happen eventually. This virus led people to act like zombies. I love the text intertextuality. Especially when the author mentions Mary Shelly who is famous for her novel Frankenstein

The deep research the author did to know all the cat types and the different medical terminology gave this book advanced deepness. It got me more interested and curious to finish the book as fast as possible. Carried away had a beautiful addition from TheConcealedCarrier blog which makes the book much more enjoyable.

“Dr. Daniel Walker had found the cure.”

I loved how everything was connected. At some point, I felt I was watching the Netflix series Dark. Cruz and Sparrow were on a mission to help Irwin catch all the cats and then find a cure. Brilliantly the cure was traced to the first infected person who is…their friend Carrie. These kinds of details literally blew my mind.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

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